We would like to  thank the individuals  and institutions that  helped our family in  the work of  treasuring and  cherishing the  memory of our dear  son, Brigadier Lior Boker
  • Mr. President. Shimon Peres, and the President's team.

  • Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Ms. Sara Netanyahu.

  • Mr. Michael Adisaos president of IPA   world police.

  • Mr. Yacov Terner President of IPA Israel.

  • Ms. Gal Sharon, adv, 1st Vice President of  IPA  World Police. 

  • Israel Police and the Inspector General during the Carmel tragedy retired LIEUTENANT-GENERAL  Dudy Cohen.

  • Retired Inspector General Mr. David Cohen.

  • Israeli TV - Channel 1 film archive.

  • Mayor of Or-Aqiva, Mr. Yosipov Simha.

  • Mayor of Hadera, Mr. Haim Avitan.

  • MAJOR-GENERAL  Nissim Mor Chief of Police operations at the national headquarters.

  • MAJOR-GENERAL  YARON  BEERY Head of Human Resources.

  • MAJOR-GENERAL  RONI ATIYA  Police chief of the Northern  District.

  • Mr. Yacov  Borovsky ,Adv,  retired Police MAJOR GENERAL.

  • COLONEL  Orna Straus department head.

  • Retired SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Meir Mordechai.

  • Sergent Major  Shraga  Sharon.

           Parents Rina and Michael Boiker